The Entailleur cabin


Settled for more than eight generations on the island of Orleans, the Tailleur family will make you discover a culture typical of our region, the maple syrup production. It is in ancestral traditions that you will discover how to tap the maples in order to harvest the water of maer, which will later be used to make maple syrup.

With the help of a cutter, the Tailleur family shares a generational heritage with all those who wish to discover the techniques of slotting. You will also be able to taste the famous maple syrup in all its shapes, and thus appreciate the flavor of Canada’s iconic product. And make no mistake, it’s here in Quebec that, according to specialists in the field, we find the best Canadian syrup!

Located between the river and the fields, in the heart of the parish of Saint-Pierre, L’En-Tailleur welcomes you in an atmosphere and a decor of the most authentic. come and immerse yourself in a world full of history, traditions, arts and nature. If you want further informations, do not hesitate to consult the website of the tapper. Enjoy !