The Mitan vineyard


Located at 5 minutes from the hostel, the Mitan vineyard has nothing to envy to the great French vineyards. With its vines anchored in the soil of the island of Orleans, this vineyard has given its pedigree to the wine of the island of Orleans by offering a selection of grapes all very tasty. If you pass by it, you will have the opportunity to taste red, rosé and white wines while immersing yourself in this original and relaxing setting.

The vineyard offers three different types of activity:

  • The picnic: possibility to taste the products at affordable rates while still quiet while strolling on the terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the Laurentian Forest.
  • The  5 to 7: A moment to share with friends and colleagues around a wine tasting.
  • The Harvest: Focusing on the discovery of Quebec viticulture, an experience that will make you live the daily life of a winemaker.

If you want further information or book your visit, do not hesitate to contact the vineyard Mitan


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