the new theater


Located  in less than 10 minutes from the hostel, in the city of Saint-Pierre-de-l’Orléans, the new theater opens its doors each summer offering original and contemporary pieces gathering the best artists of the region with a single  idea, make you laugh. It is in the tradition of summer theaters, established by Félix Leclerc and Paul Hébert, that we follow nowadays the new theater of the island of Orleans.

Founded in 2011, their efforts have enabled this theater to see the light and today it can welcome 172 people per performance. Today under the direction of Sébastien Dorval and Claude Montminy, the theater is evolving to offer contemporary and rhythmic Quebec comedies. You will also be able to have a drink after each performance at the theater bar, sharing your opinions and feelings about the piece you assisted with a magnificent view overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the coast of Beaupré. The new theater invites you to discover the play Cheeese, a comedy by Claude Montminy about breakups and new beginnings, a must see ! For further information, consult directly the website of the New Theater on the island of Orleans.



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