tourisme ile d’orléans


The website of the tourism on the island of Orleans puts at your disposal all the necessary information related to the activities that it iis possible to realize during your stay on the island of Orleans. In addition, various practical information, you will find a range of tourist tours allowing you to customize your stay.

For example, the  the island of Orleans tourism website offers  th possibility to discover six interpretive centers that will take you, each in their own way, to the unknown history of Île d’Orléans. You can also buy  culture passport and discover these places at very reasonable price. Through the tourism portal of the island of Orleans, you will also benefit from preconceived circuit which will let you thus guide over the visits. There are today three circuits that are:

  • Places of history and cultures
  • Religious heritages
  • Landscapes

On this site, you will also find a certain amount of information related to the cultural and historical heritage, as well as addresses of places offering local specialties such as the chocolate factory of the island of Orleans or the sugar shack of the Entailleur.

For futher information, do not hesitate to consult the page of the site or to ask directly to the hostel, we will be delighted to be able to give you our advices and to answer your requests.

Chocolate on the island


Present on our beautiful island since 1988, it is now more than thirty that the chocolate factory of the island of Orleans continues to feast our taste buds with its recipes both tasty and original. Probably the best chocolate factory in Quebec, its owners fascinate by their work to maximize the aromatic wealth of a chocolate straight imported from Belgium and produced with still artisanal methods.

Thanks to this know-how, the chocolate factory of the island of Orleans proposes very varied products and all as good as the others, your palet will be remembered without a doubt the fruity and unctuous tastes of these chocolates that one could qualify as high ranges. Further, since 1990, La Chocolaterie de l’ile d’Orléans has set out to conquer another flagship product, the production of ice cream and European-style sorbet in a traditional way.

More than 24 varieties of ice cream will be offered during the summer season, to the delight of young and old. For further information, do not hesitate to consult the site of the chocolate factory of the island of orleans. And do not forget, treat yourself above all!

The Entailleur cabin


Settled for more than eight generations on the island of Orleans, the Tailleur family will make you discover a culture typical of our region, the maple syrup production. It is in ancestral traditions that you will discover how to tap the maples in order to harvest the water of maer, which will later be used to make maple syrup.

With the help of a cutter, the Tailleur family shares a generational heritage with all those who wish to discover the techniques of slotting. You will also be able to taste the famous maple syrup in all its shapes, and thus appreciate the flavor of Canada’s iconic product. And make no mistake, it’s here in Quebec that, according to specialists in the field, we find the best Canadian syrup!

Located between the river and the fields, in the heart of the parish of Saint-Pierre, L’En-Tailleur welcomes you in an atmosphere and a decor of the most authentic. come and immerse yourself in a world full of history, traditions, arts and nature. If you want further informations, do not hesitate to consult the website of the tapper. Enjoy !

The Mitan vineyard


Located at 5 minutes from the hostel, the Mitan vineyard has nothing to envy to the great French vineyards. With its vines anchored in the soil of the island of Orleans, this vineyard has given its pedigree to the wine of the island of Orleans by offering a selection of grapes all very tasty. If you pass by it, you will have the opportunity to taste red, rosé and white wines while immersing yourself in this original and relaxing setting.

The vineyard offers three different types of activity:

  • The picnic: possibility to taste the products at affordable rates while still quiet while strolling on the terrace, which offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the Laurentian Forest.
  • The  5 to 7: A moment to share with friends and colleagues around a wine tasting.
  • The Harvest: Focusing on the discovery of Quebec viticulture, an experience that will make you live the daily life of a winemaker.

If you want further information or book your visit, do not hesitate to contact the vineyard Mitan

Garden of the arts


In the south of the island of Orléans, in Saint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, is hidden an art gallery surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. This gallery, which is also a boutique, is by far the largest art gallery you’ll find on the island. Located in a restored old carpentry with two floors, you can easily walk around and discover a range of works exhibited by different artists, from Quebec, ranging from painting to ceramics and also unique jewelry that will charm more than a person. The gallery is ideal during rainy days, however, coming on a sunny day will allow you to fully enjoy the outdoor gardens and stroll in this place dedicated to relaxation and serenity.   For futher information, do not hesitate to consult the tourism website of the island of orleans.

the new theater


Located  in less than 10 minutes from the hostel, in the city of Saint-Pierre-de-l’Orléans, the new theater opens its doors each summer offering original and contemporary pieces gathering the best artists of the region with a single  idea, make you laugh. It is in the tradition of summer theaters, established by Félix Leclerc and Paul Hébert, that we follow nowadays the new theater of the island of Orleans.

Founded in 2011, their efforts have enabled this theater to see the light and today it can welcome 172 people per performance. Today under the direction of Sébastien Dorval and Claude Montminy, the theater is evolving to offer contemporary and rhythmic Quebec comedies. You will also be able to have a drink after each performance at the theater bar, sharing your opinions and feelings about the piece you assisted with a magnificent view overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the coast of Beaupré. The new theater invites you to discover the play Cheeese, a comedy by Claude Montminy about breakups and new beginnings, a must see ! For further information, consult directly the website of the New Theater on the island of Orleans.


Cassis Monna & filles


It is no longer worth praising this place, so popular has it become to us! Indeed, Cassis Monna & Girls is much more than a liquoristery, it is today a space dedicated to the sharing and the discovery of new aromas worked around the cassis. There is both a varied choice of liqueurs, but also a restaurant that has opened its doors to thrill your taste . To drink and eat with the sole purpose of making you rediscover the subtle cassis flavor.

Cassis Monna & Girls is also part of the Economuseum® network whose mission is to highlight and perpetuate trades and traditional skills. Thus, the creation of an interpretation center dedicated to liquoristry was born. This museum will allow you to dive into the world of liquorists and different methods of making liquors. You will be able to get acquainted with the unique world discovering the history of the family as well as the origins of cassis and the virtues that accompany it.

From the field to the bottle, through the little glass jar, Cassis Monna & Girls knows how to cultivate the art of the gourmandises. Visit the site of Cassis Monna & girls now, you will not regret the trip!