Cassis Monna & filles


It is no longer worth praising this place, so popular has it become to us! Indeed, Cassis Monna & Girls is much more than a liquoristery, it is today a space dedicated to the sharing and the discovery of new aromas worked around the cassis. There is both a varied choice of liqueurs, but also a restaurant that has opened its doors to thrill your taste . To drink and eat with the sole purpose of making you rediscover the subtle cassis flavor.

Cassis Monna & Girls is also part of the Economuseum® network whose mission is to highlight and perpetuate trades and traditional skills. Thus, the creation of an interpretation center dedicated to liquoristry was born. This museum will allow you to dive into the world of liquorists and different methods of making liquors. You will be able to get acquainted with the unique world discovering the history of the family as well as the origins of cassis and the virtues that accompany it.

From the field to the bottle, through the little glass jar, Cassis Monna & Girls knows how to cultivate the art of the gourmandises. Visit the site of Cassis Monna & girls now, you will not regret the trip!