A tasty mix of French and Quebec cuisine

The Poste de Traite restaurant

In a rural atmosphere, the chef offers a varied menu, simple and tasty, for all tastes, young and old. Fine pizzas, burgers, poutines with homemade sauce or a bison steack or a beautiful rib roast, the choice is generous. For the most adventurous, wer propose seal steacks for starters or main course. Homemade desserts are also available. Or if you simply want to enjoy the most beautiful terrace of the inn sipping one of the many beers we offer accompanied by a small fried chips from the island,  cooked with the Belgian method. Custom menus are concocted for groups. Come and visit us, you will discover the products of the island of Orleans in a melting kitchen.


Terrine of the day

Homemade vegetable soup

Homemade Rillettes

Pork, duck, mix of pork and duck

Mini poutine


Soupe French onion soup

Bison flank

Island fries and salad, wine sauce with shallots

Confit duck leg

Island fries and salad, wine sauce with shallots

Old-fashioned rib roast

Parsley butter, fries and salad

Homemade Toulouse sausage

Island Fries and salad, Dijon’s mustard

Boar sausage

Island Fries and salad, Dijon’s mustard

Lobster ravioli

Alfrédo sauce and salade

Duck ravioli

Alfrédo sauce and salade

Cute of seal with cranberries

Island fries and salad, with Mona Capiteux sauce

Classic beef

salad garnished , mayo, ketchup,tomatoe, cheese, onions , bacon, pickles


Beef, cheese, ketchup


salad garnished , mayo, ketchup,tomatoe, cheese, onions , cranberry, pickle


salad garnished , mayo, tomatoe, cheese, onions , pickle


salad garnished , mayo, tomatoe, cheese, onions , pickle

Island Goat

tomatoes, island goat cheese, croutons


Chicken, cheese, bacon, croutons


tuna, corn, tomatoes, cheese


Cheddar, tomatoes, nuts, maple sirup

The children Menu

For the little ones’ enjoyment, the restaurant also offers delicious chicken croquettes or a mini-club, both served with homemade fries, as well as mini-poutine, or pasta with meat sauce. Enjoy your meal!


homemade sauce, cheese curds


homemade sauce, cheese curds, bacon


homemade beef sauce, cheese curds

confit shreded duck

homemade sauce, duck, cheese curds

Island Goat cheese

homemade sauce, island goat cheese

Flamed Tart with goat cheese from the island

Cream sauce, onions, bacon, goat cheese


tomato sauce, jam, mushroom, herbs, cheese


tomato sauce, cheese,onions, tomatoes, pepper, mushroom, olives

Flamed tart

Cream sauce, onions, bacon


base crème, jambon, bacon oignon, fromage

Cream sauce, jam, bacon, onions, cheese


tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese


tomato sauce, onions, ham, bacon, parsley, cream, cheese

Your choice

tomato sauce or cream sauce + 5 ingredients of your choice

Meat sauce homemade

Tomates, viande haché, oignons, épices

Tomato sauce, minced meat, vegetables, spices

Homemade Alfredo sauce with chicken

Cream, cheese, tomatoes, white wine, chicken

rustic gratin homemade sauce

Cream sauce, cheese, bacon


Baguette, jam, butter, pickles

Club sandwich

salad, chiken, jam, bacon, tomatoe, mayo served with fries

club for 2 peoples

salad, chiken, jam, bacon, tomatoe, mayo


jam, cheese, béchamel sauce


Jam , Confit Shredded duck, chicken or pork rillettes with tomatoes and salad

The Table d’hôtes

Open every day

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Un mot du Chef…

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